About Me

Awareness - Creativity - Connection

I am passionate about empowering and inspiring people across countries and cultures to become aware of their true potential, live their purpose in life, and realise the visions and goals they're passionate about, so the world becomes a better place for us all. Each one of us plays an important role in the transformation and needs to start with themselves, yet nobody can do it alone! 

Freedom through Awareness

I am a tenacious seeker of the deep truth of who we really are and what we came here to do - and how it relates to creating a meaningful life every single day. The truth that reflects our true essence and is not affected by tastes, trends or fashions. This is the core of our true potential, which is also reflected in nature.

I grew up on a farm in Finland and developed a strong connection with nature from early on. This connection is one of my strongest assets and has guided me through my life - so far I've started from scratch in five countries. It has given me the strength to courageously follow my heart to unknown terrains, and tackle exciting challenges with rewarding and enriching experiences.

My sense of connection gives me an an excellent ability to tune into other people and support them towards their success and fulfillment personally and professionally. 

My Qualifications

Master of  Social Sciences (International Politics)
Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant
Diploma in Mindset Training
Diploma of Counselling
Adult Trainer Certificate
Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Bioneuroemoción®
Medically Audited Aromatherapy Practitioner
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner



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