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Unlock Your Potential through Bioneuroemoción®

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions influence the quality of our life. The method of Bioneuroemoción® developed by Enric Corbera Institute shows a holistic way of understanding our problems - namely in light of the inseparable interconnection between the body, the mind and the emotions.

Bioneuroemoción® is a humanistic method that assists individuals with becoming more aware of the underlying thoughts, emotions and beliefs that condition their life. The method combines scientific, philosophical and humanistic disciplines. It studies emotions and their interrelations with beliefs, perception, body and interpersonal relationships.


The main objective of Bioneuroemoción® is to enhance emotional well-being by facilitating a change in our way of looking at our problems through an understanding of the information we have inherited from culture, society and family. 

Note: Bioneuroemoción® is neither therapy nor treatment. Rather, it complements other approaches, methods and disciplines that aim at enhancing well-being and bringing about a positive change in a person's life.

Why attend a Bioneuroemoción® session

You will gain a deeper understanding of how your way of interpreting the reality is influenced by the thought patterns and beliefs you have adopted from the external world and that are influenced by your past experiences.

When you become more aware of what is going on underneath, you will develop a new way of looking at the situation. This will free you emotionally and empower you mentally to make new decisions and take action in line with what you would like to experience instead. You will be freer from the emotions that condition your life and adversely affect your well-being. This will unlock more and more of your potential towards creating a life you love. 

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Client Testimonials

"Taina works from a deeply respectful, kind and skillful space. I love the way she communicates and connects to my needs and how she facilitates me to overcome blocks and move forward in my life. I am excited about what the future will hold as I move forward with you. Thank you so much Taina." 

- Nicky, Melbourne, Australia

"En mi proceso con Taina me sentí segura, apoyada y guiada hacia un camino y una visión de mi problema que yo sola no hubiera sido capaz de ver. Estas sesiones me han ayudado a encontrar situaciones en mi inconsciente que me estaban afectando en mi vida y que yo no lo sabía. Ahora me siento más ligera y libre de pesos que no me dejaban disfrutar." 

- Maddie, Zurich, Switzerland  

"Attending personal coaching with you, Taina, made me feel very safe and held as you led me through the process of identifying events leading up to my health issues and then reconnecting with my emotions at the time. The opportunity to express what was really going on for me was cathartic and I thank you and am grateful for the expertise you demonstrated as you facilitated the process and allowed the space and time to explore what was there  - before supporting me to identify what I would need to believe about myself in order to experience things differently in the future. The experience has deepened my understanding of my health and was very empowering. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

- Cathy, Melbourne, Australia

"I went to see Taina when I was at a complex and confusing fork in the road in my life. She helped me to explore issues within my relationship and family patterns that may be causing them to play out.  Taina helped me to awaken emotional responses to deeply stored experiences and tap into what it was that I really wanted in life. From doing this, my choices became clearer and I felt more in control of my decisions. Taina is a warm and energetic person, who makes you feel enlivened and has the unique ability to help uncover new spiritual depths. She is sincere and passionate and an invaluable help for anyone seeking guidance on a personal spiritual path."
- Bertie, Melbourne, Australia