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New Lead the Field Coaching


Make your income match your dreams and break away from your habitual way of living! Over the course of 4 months you will begin to attract more abundance, enjoy more freedom and experience more meaningful relationships. In this program, the master thinkers Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will help you expand your awareness by sharing the timeless truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in this award-winning personal development series. They explain how and why universal laws govern your life. Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to these 12 mind-expanding and life-enhancing segments. 

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Working with the Law


Create the life you want by understanding and applying the Laws of the Universe. Like gravity, these laws are always at work in your life, dictating the results you get each day. Working with the Law has been developed by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, two leaders in the area of personal development. In addition to the Law of Attraction, this program examines each of the other equally important laws that govern our daily lives (11 total). Overcome the confusion and exhaustion when "trying" to succeed and, instead, achieve great success. You'll discover that the life you want is much easier to create when you are aligned with the Universal Laws you’ll learn to know in this program.

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Magic in Your Mind


As someone who is goal-oriented you already know the importance of having positive and productive thoughts. In fact, it’s so important that it’s the barrier between mediocrity and extravagant success. So, what’s the key to creating thoughts that will produce the success you want? Developing your higher mental faculties – this is the Magic in Your Mind. Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be can be easy and even fun. In this landmark coaching program, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and Sandy Gallagher coach you on how to develop each higher mental faculty - imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory and reason. 

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The Science of Getting Rich


Enjoy more abundance, joy and wealth without working harder or giving up all your time. The Science of Getting Rich is a highly impactful program. It teaches the foundations of personal development and creating the life you want. Bob Proctor used this powerful system to build practically his entire fortune. And it has served as the foundation for virtually every piece of work Bob Proctor has ever written, and all the most powerful seminars he has taught around the world. Those seminars have helped corporations worldwide improve their sales by hundreds of millions of dollars. If you want an infallible formula for wealth and success, this program is for you.

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Streaming Club


Mastermind and learn from the world’s master thinkers and achievers every week! Imagine having a place you can count on every week to expand your mind. Imagine reaching goals faster with weekly insights from the best in the industry. Imagine not having to rigorously and tirelessly search for answers to your questions. You don’t have to imagine anymore, you can join the Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club today. We stream straight to you, wherever you are, and give you everything you need to: increase your vibration, expand your awareness, inspire you to take action, open up new possibilities, and make frequent and immediate progress towards your goals and dreams. 

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Six Minutes to Success


Significantly increase your results in all areas of your life with the ease, convenience and motivation of Six Minutes to Success. Get practical steps combined with the real inspiration you need to create more abundance, enjoy thriving relationships, increase your well-being, and live a more productive, fulfilling life. Just imagine having a place to find the answers to any question life throws at you. Imagine what your life might look like 30 or even 90 days from now after learning from the best teacher in the world on human potential and success every single day. Imagine achieving your goals without experiencing the struggles of growth and ‘going it alone’. 

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